Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where I am now

Saw this meme today, and as they tend to do, it spoke to me. Who can relate?

Also, I have to laugh after yesterday's post about having the night to myself and feeling great about it. Not 20 minutes later, ex texted me that the girls wanted to spend the night with me.

So, not so much on the "me" time, but I was thrilled nonetheless to have a bonus night with my gals. And - because I've made a commitment to work out every day for the next month - I went to the gym after they went to bed.

Yay, me!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's all me!

Well hello, there. I had a fun thought today. Neither kid has school and it's ex's day/night with them, so when I get off work, I can do WHATEVER I WANT.

Not that I'm ungrateful at all for my time with my girls! But I very rarely can get off work and not have something required of me.

I'm going to exercise. Then I'm going out with a friend. Then I'm going home and watching the Olympics.

It's all me, and spending time on ME is actually pretty great.

Happy Tuesday! Oh, and go USA!