Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What an amazing year so far

Remember back in January when I said this was going to be a great year? I was right. The girls and I love our new place. I feel so much more whole now that I have my own home that I'm the only adult in. It's not our forever home or anything, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

In my love life, I was dating a nice man for a short time, but since February, I've been dating one of my oldest and dearest friends who I'm so happy to call my boyfriend. Things are amazing. He's great with my girls, which is huge.

I can't honestly imagine being with anyone else. I hope I never have to be.

Things with my ex are the same: He's always on the cusp of being an a-hole at some point, but I don't play into his games. I suck up his antics for the greater good of having peace in our life.

So far, I'm pretty fond of 2015. I can't believe it's already halfway over. I want to soak all of it in, and I hope it continues to be this good.

Ain't that the truth!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A new home, a new start

I think 2015 is getting off to a pretty good start.

Granted, most of that is based on attitude alone, if you ask me. I'm determined for an even better year. And so far, 2015 is proving me right.

The girls and I have been blessed enough to live with my mom these past nearly three years since separating from my ex. But now we're moving! We're renting a cute little place just a few blocks away for just me and my ladies.

Yes, it will be hard being away from their Nana; they have no memory of not living with her. But we'll see her constantly. She can come over to help tuck them in. We can still have meals together once or twice a week. I'm hopeful that my nervous (and kind of sad) girls will adjust fairly easily.

Anyone else have experience moving your kids away from a grandparent?

Other news: I'm dating a new guy who seems really great! My guard is totally up because, well, I'm nearly 40, have two kids and haven't made the wisest choices in the past when it comes to men.

This guys is all in, it seems, and is so thoughtful. So naturally I wonder what's wrong with him. Could it be that he's simply taken with me and that I'm deserving of such attention? Hmm. Food for thought. ;)

Lastly, I have to say that I'm happy with how things are at the moment with my ex. Not to get into excruciating details, but basically I'm appeasing him financially in exchange for him promising a cooperative co-parenting relationship. My guard is up with this arrangement too, but for good cause. I'll take less money any day (even though we could use it) if it means the girls can see their parents get along on a basic human level.

I hope the year continues on this upward trajectory.