Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finally a hint toward progress

Continuing my saga of the World's Longest Divorce...

Thursday my lawyer and I will sit down for an informal mediation with ex and his lawyer.

Nervous? Oh yah.

I have a lot of thing to prepare, mainly: My different options for custody that I can handle; and my different options for finances that I can handle.

Yet I sit paralyzed, not knowing where to start.

But I will, cause I want this hell to be over so we can move on and know more what our future will look like.

Thankful to have my lawyer on my side (besides the fact that he's paid to be, I think he genuinely realizes how hard it is to deal with ex). Thankful for the ability to try this out of court, even if we still end up in that direction.

And mostly - thankful for my children who make fighting for what I believe in so important.

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