Thursday, June 19, 2014

A pre-trial date

Pretend for a minute, if you will, that my divorce hasn't gone on for more than 2 years. Mkay? Great.

So, we have a date - June 30 - set for pre-trial. That means they'll discuss what our trial will entail and set a court date.

It's really all so silly. We're going to court solely about money issues. Ex owes me not very much, but he refuses to pay any of it, and my attorney is SO annoyed at him that he may reduce what I owe him. So, if I lose in court, I have a feeling my attorney won't exactly expect me to pay him much for the honor of having taken my ex to court. (An aside: I have paid barely any of what I owe him, and no one has bothered me about it. I think it's because my attorney knows that part of why this divorce has dragged on is his own incompetence and laziness.)

The bigger issue is actually that he owes my mom almost $5,000 in unpaid day care from when she watched the girls for a year. He refuses to pay, plain and simple. Because it's a matter of our divorce settlement, I have to go to court to fight for that.

Again, I don't see a judge saying he doesn't owe my mom. But if he/she does, then at least we know and can move on.

Oh, did I mention that ex is SO cocky and sure that he'll win that he no longer has an attorney? That's right, he thinks he can go to court by himself (he also didn't even think I'd take him to court, so maybe he's changed his mind and hired another one). My attorney assures me, in his exact words, that ex will "get his ass kicked in court" without an attorney. I hope so. I've been screwed enough. It's time for me to have a win.

BUT win or lose, I'm getting this damn divorce over with! I hate to go to court and potentially pay more money to do so, but life is short. Unfortunately, this divorce is not.

Wish me luck!

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