Monday, October 8, 2012

'I want Daddy!'...and other things that break my heart

Wow, my thoughts are all over the place this week.

Both girls are showing more interest and desire to be at their dad's. That's good, right? Isn't that great?! Then why does it make me feel bad? Why do I feel like they like him better?

Oh, it doesn't help that my 2-year-old has taken to saying "I want Daddy" when she's sad/not getting her way. I know it doesn't mean she doesn't love me, but it still stings.

I think I'm scared that he'll get them more often or something. Believe me, they're with him plenty.

Although this makes me feel a bit insecure, it also helps me feel like making sure they get good time with him is good for them in the long run. They say kids need both parents. Sharing my girls SUCKS, but if it's best for them in this sh*tty situation, then I have to be happy with it.


  1. I have gone through the same situation with my daughter. She was 2 1/2 when i left her father, and she will be 5 in December. I am currently dealing with "I want to live with Daddy", and i can completely understand your pain and sadness. I worry that she is being brain washed into this mindset and i have no idea how to "win" her back, but to try to be patient and love her, and make sure she knows that i love her!
    I do not trust her father, he is a controlling and manipulative person and has taken things that she has said, and blown them way out of proportion.
    I am equally as scared, that he is going to try to pull something and get his way. He tried to "suggest" that we switch our schedule so that he has her more during the week, like i normally do, and every other weekend. And then HE wouldn't have to pay the child support. That's exactly what he said!
    He claims that she flips out and gets really upset when she knows it's time to come back home to mommy...

    It sucks, it hurts, and it's hard to keep strong.

  2. That breaks my heart! I can't even fathom that idea, that my girls would want their dad instead of me (until they're teenagers and are trying to do good cop/bad cop). I'm so sorry. Yes, you just stay strong and consistent as their mommy, and they'll always know they have you.