Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wish me luck - and some memes

It is with guarded optimism that I say we might be getting to a point where we can come up with a solution to this custody/financial battle without ending up in limited case management/court.


I think



Please hold your breath, cross your fingers, send good vibes...whatever.

My goals are:

Create a custody schedule that keeps the girls' best interest first. There will likely be some changes they do not like, but hopefully what we're working on right now would involve minimal changes that the girls can adjust to fairly easily.

Create a financial solution that keeps me from having to pay way more in the next three years for day care than I should have to pay, but also keeps ex from having to sell the house and start over and be even more angry.

Create a financial solution that makes it so I can someday move out of the house with the girls and afford for us to live on our own if I so choose.

Create a solution that gets my name off the house within the next three years so I can perhaps buy my own someday.

Tame the relationship between ex and I so he can be civil to me in front of the girls.

Wish. Me. Luck.

Now, for some memes:


And just for fun...

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