Wednesday, September 19, 2012

High hopes

I just had to steal this line from a fellow mom who is in the midst of a divorce herself. Her blog is

One of the things she wrote was that she was "...running away from a marriage that just didn't fit toward a life that I have high hopes for."

I read this on her blog and it struck me. This is me. The running away part probably has a bad connotation, but I know that I - and I'm guessing she - did all I could plausibly do before the "D" word became part of the discussion.

But what gets me is the rest of that sentence. A marriage that just didn't fit. A life that I have high hopes for.

Don't we all deserve that - the chance to fulfill our lives as best we can?


  1. Yes, we all deserve our life to be happy and content..I think that you can only be the best Mommy if you are happy and feel good about yourself and where you are..My marriage didn't provide that for me, I was unhappy and could not find joy in much..I can't count on QT to provide ALL of my joy, I have to find it within myself...

  2. Yes! That's what I was doing - getting all my joy from my kids. That's not healthy for anyone, least of all my kids, especially once they're older. I need to have a life outside of them, and I want to show them that they should expect the same when they're moms.

    Thanks for your input! I hope things are going as well as they can be.