Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wish us luck

Another Wednesday drop-off today. How will it go? I sensed some anxiety from Sunshine last night when she cried to me that she wanted "to be 3 again."

Is she crying out for her old life or just being a kid? She seems to come up with sadness/nostalgia for how things used to be on Tuesday nights.

She's excited about dinner at Daddy's tonight, but we'll see if that equals wanting to actually go there and spend the night.

Crossing all my digits.

I love you, baby girls.

UPDATE: Sunshine started to get weepy right before we left for Daddy's, possibly because I mentioned looking at her calendar, which is a visual reminder as to what's coming next. I constantly reminded her that she needed to choose to be happy; turn her frown upside down; that I'd spend the next afternoon with her (bribery - I'm not above it right now); and basically I just tried to stop the giant waterfall before it started.

How do I feel about this? Sad that I asked my little girl to swallow her feelings. That's not the person I want her to become. But slightly happy-ish that she was able to keep from getting too upset. I know she was sad, but she was a big girl, waved goodbye out the window, and I hope she had a good night.

Sigh. Let me know when this gets easier.

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