Friday, September 7, 2012

Is it more devastating for us than for the kids?

My Sunshine is 4 years old. Her dad and I tried to reconcile, which only ended in her getting re-used to us all hanging out together as a family. Now that we're not again, it's even harder on her than before.

Twice this week at drop-off, she has clung to me, crying, screaming, pleading me not to leave her there (all while the 2-year-old happily enters the house, thankfully). He has taken her from my arms as she kicks and screams and cries.

Tell me how this isn't going to traumatize her? Really, she's just going to get over it soon and not be scarred? I'm not even joking: Should I start kid counseling?

Talk about the worst moments of a parent's life.

My friends tell me this is probably harder on me than her long-term. Is that true? But, don't short-term problems affect your psyche at some point? I'm just so worried that she'll end up with mommy issues...abandonment issues...

I know once she relaxes that she has a good time with her dad. It's not about him - it's about me. She wants Mommy. And then I ABANDON HER THERE AND JUST DRIVE AWAY (is that how she views it?).

PLEASE let her get used to this soon.


  1. Can I post a link to your blog on my blog? Also join the mom and register your blog in single parent categories... I met a lot of like minded women that way. Also if you enable the follow feature on blogger people can follow your blog in their google reader....

    1. Did I enable the follow feature correctly? If not, I'm not sure how. :)

  2. Hey... oops.. I posted a comment to your last post by accident... it was meant for this one....

    PS No she does not feel abandoned... because she knows you will always be there for her when she comes home... it is about us and our constant ongoing issues with mommy guilt.... I know it... because I live it... I promise she is okay...

    1. Yes, that'd be great if you linked to my blog on yours. Any support would be awesome. And I'll enable the follow feature and get on mom That's actually how I found you.

      And on your P.S. - OK. OK. I'll take a breath and remember what you say. She will be OK. She will be OK.