Friday, September 14, 2012

Turning a corner?

After a very rough drop-off Wednesday at Daddy's, where Sunshine cried and was basically filled with tons of anxiety about spending the night, Thursday was awesome!

Yes, I totally bribed her both days. I told her she is always allowed to cry. But I wanted her to a) stop being mean to Daddy by telling him she didn't want to be there; b) not throw a big fit; and c) if she did cry, try to eventually stop and instead put a smile on her face.

She tried on Wednesday, but wasn't too successful. Thursday - either because of the bribery (her good-behavior reward was to spend the afternoon with me at work) or a talk my mom had with her about watching her fits/attitude - she was great.

Not a single tear at drop-off. Total big girl. And like always, happy as can be to see me in the morning, with good stories about what she did at Daddy's.

I want to be hopeful that we're turning a corner, but I've seen her do this before, then revert back to her anxiety/sadness about being away from me. I guess we keep plodding along, hoping she adjusts soon. Her dad and I don't want to force her, but don't we need to give her time (a month or so) to get used to this schedule?

Anyway, here's to a happy kid-filled weekend and hopefully a nice day with their daddy on Sunday. How I miss them when they're gone! It just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a mindless TV show and a cocktail (wait, that doesn't sound half bad!).

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